Welcome to The WealthPass! We are a utility based NFT project, providing passive rewards to holders through a unique and dynamic roadmap.

First of all

Passive Rewards

WealthPass provides passive rewards to its holders through a unique business model that uses mint funds to launch businesses. Holders earn a share of the revenue donated to the treasury from these businesses in ETH.

Not to mention

WealthPass is a project underneath the GamblinMfers umbrella. With over 5000 NFT's minted across collections, the team has been leading the space in advances. Throughout their 1 year in the space, the team has given over $75,000 back to holders through bounties, game nights, and passive rewards.

1 U.S.A dollar banknotes
1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

Experienced team

And let's not forget

Business Experience

WealthPass uses mint funds to launch businesses that are designed to generate profits for our holders. Our team carefully selects and manages these businesses to ensure the best outcomes for our holders. The fully doxxed founder has been an entrepreneur since 2007.

white and black laptop
white and black laptop

About us

WealthPass is a startup focused on providing passive rewards to its holders through a unique business model. Our team is dedicated to ensuring transparency and security through the use of blockchain technology. Join us today and start earning passive rewards!

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